Building A Yarn Shop

Chapter 1 – The Decision

shop doorWe are about to move – again. It will be our second move – our 3rd space in only 6 years! Maybe that is a record. It was not an easy decision and one that we did not take lightly. While we do love to shake things up, the prospect of once again dismantling all of the shelving, boxing up and moving all of the yarn, rebuilding and unpacking is daunting. AND that does not take in to consideration that the new space must be ready for us. That means painting and creating storage and planning where things go.

Maybe for some it will be of interest to watch the process unfold. Today – April 1 – I received the key to our new shop and opened the door to what soon will be the new Knit1 Oxford.

A lot of thought and soul-searching when in to the decision to make the move. We love the space we have been in for two years. But things change and though we do not look forward to the challenges of the move, we do look forward to the results. We will be in a new bright place. We will purge those items that have accumulated over two years. We will re-design – always fun. We will re-think – always fun. We will start anew – always energizing. The whole process ignites great creativity.

The new shop will be different in many ways but the traditions we cherish will not change. We will remain a highly curated LYS with a team of women whose talents are second to none. We will have space for you to knit. We will be there to help you start a project and be there to help you along the way. We will continue to look for the finest yarns and offer you new things all the time.

The advantages to the new space: Location – Ease of Parking – Ease of Coming/Going – Classroom Space – Lunch options!

You might ask BUT WHY? We love our space on West Jackson. It is light and large and has the feel of our own little cottage. But when push came to shove we just could not afford it any longer. There is risk in this move because we will be off the beaten track. We have enjoyed being in the flow of 10,000 cars a day. But the fact is that the cost of being on the beaten track was not made up for in increased sales. It takes a lot of skeins to make that rent.

new shop keyBut all of us who live in Knit1 – Ann, Kathy, Lynn, Marty, Sinclair, and I – are in agreement. We need this shop as much as Oxford needs the shop. So when it came to assessing the business realities, closing the doors was not an option.

And so we move to Off the Beaten Track. We will love this new location as we have loved both of our former ones. The truth is that the four walls matter less than what is in those walls and that will not change.

We will be off the beaten track but we will be in the middle of everything that is happening. And there is a nice tradition – the original yarn shop (Hanging By A Thread) was located in this strip mall. I think that is a nice synergy. We are taking the space once occupied by the wonderful Paint and Pen – a nice vibe.

And so we go so that we can keep on going. And so it goes…


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