Building the Shop – the chaos theory

moving boxes extraEvery move goes through many stages. We just came through the first Stage of Chaos. This is how it felt:  -(1) we realize how much was accumulated in only a few years; (2) we experienced extreme ennui during which the thought of packing a box was just too much.  All we saw was stuff everywhere; (3) we packed the first box and entered fully the stage of complete chaos – the storm before the calm.  The shop looks worse; (4) we panic; (5) we transcend.

During that week of chaos we could find nothing, stuff was everywhere, we had to touch every pencil, paper clip, piece of paper and “what is that thingy” and decide if it is to be thrown or moved.

If we have not looked at it in two years, if we did not even remember that it was there, if we could not have found it if we looked for it, it did NOT need to be saved!  P.S. I have vowed that in the new shop I will not do that thing that creates those piles of stuff.  I commit to trying my very best to stop using a shelf just because it is there on which to put the thing I do not know what to do with.  Very philosophical.  It is a goal.

Having said all of that, the shining lights in this process have been Freddy and Peggy.  You may not know them because they are behind the scenes but they are very much a part of the Knit1 family.  They were with us on the last move and and were enthusiastic about joining us again this time.  They began preparing the new space and last week moved the first 3 truck loads of ready-to-go boxes and shelving.  We walked in to the most incredibly beautiful new shop and it was instantly clear that they have taken a pride in our shop that rivals ours.  It has been transformed so that it already looks better and we can see its real potential.

We are going to have the best little yarn shop around and it will be even better than the ones before.  So bring on the chaos!  We are so ready for the move.

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