Building A Yarn Shop – Next Steps

This time is not like before.  We are moving to a new location.  New space brings new challenges and so it is like starting fresh.  Except that this time we are filled with knowledge and experience that we did not have when we started or even when we moved the first time.  And the process is simply exhilarating.

I opened Knit1 Oxford armed with naive optimism and blissful ignorance.  I knew little about yarns and less about yarn shops.  I talked to shop owners, visited shops and did my best research.  I made many mistakes.

The “I” became “We” and together we made it all work.  Now, with our second move in looming before us we could be filled with fear and loathing.  This is chaos that involves a thousand details – have mail forwarded, hire the sign man, turn on the electricity, have the phone installed, paint colors, office setup, floor plan!  Nothing ever gets crossed off the list and things get added every day.

But this time we understand how a shop flows and how you like to be in the space.  We have a better understanding of what works and what does not.  We know who you are.  We know who we are.

And we have each other and Larry (my sister’s husband) who is enthusiastic about erecting another beautiful shop and finds this creative process completely joyous.  Together we provide encouragement, support, laughter and erasers.

The current shop has many windows that give us great light.  And yet, those very same windows presented a real design problem – no unobstructed wall space. This meant that much of our usable space was in the center of the shop which turns out to be not ideal.

But the new space at 303 Heritage Drive has two great walls that run the length of the store and the space is wide, not long and narrow. This affords us endless possibilities.  Architects – like Lynn – and designers – like Larry and Britta – already know this.  I did not.  A smaller space does not mean less room.  AMAZING!  The space will feel big, elegant and welcoming.

We have a floor plan that looks good on paper – iteration #152.  Larry and Lynn are generous in the creative process.  We put down a design.  Larry erased.  I would say “you know, now that I think about it…” and the eraser would emerge.  Or he would say “I have an idea”.  Again, the eraser.  Finally, we have a plan.  And we know that as we fill the new space there will be more changes.  As we start to build no doubt Larry will have new ideas, I will have new thoughts, Lynn will have new perspectives.

We know this for sure – there will be classroom space (the table), there will be a nook for quiet knitting or a private lesson (a smaller table), there will be incredible yarns, many new to the Shop (oh joy!) and yarns hung and yarns in bins, and yarns in cabinets…and surprises yet to be revealed!

When it is all said and done we will have a most glorious yarn shop.  And that feels really wonderful.


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