Welcoming the Fabulous Rosy Green!

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There are many reasons to knit with Rosy Green Wool.  We search for yarns that are special and that have a good story to tell.  That is what attracted us to this wonderful company and its unique yarns.

Rosy Green wools are 100% Organic as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – an independent and strictly controlled organization that oversees production from animal to yarn.  Each skein bears the GOTS stamp of approval.

Many yarns say “organic” but it turns out that there is no standard for the use of the term and so the focus can be on only one part of the production process.  Further, most organic yarns are available only in undyed shades because the dyeing process can use of substances that undermine the organic properties of the yarn.  Rosy’s yarns are dyed without those substances and come in colors that neither harm your health nor the environment.  Their yarns are created from organically sourced merino and endangered sheep breeds which contributes to the protection of the species.  All of this somewhat dry sounding information actually adds to the very special nature of their yarns..

The company was founded by a young couple in Germany who were in search of a truly organic yarn.  Frustrated by what they found on the market they decided to create their own company.  They searched the world (quite literally) including spending months in Argentina and Patagonia to find wool that would meet the rigid standards they set for themselves.

Rosy Stegmann is the driving force for Rosy Green.  She has a PhD in Computer Science.  But her roots in the fiber world extend back to her grandparents who founded a small spinning mill in Southern Germany in the 1950s.  The mill was eventually run by her parents.  She recalls a childhood filled with the smell of wool and a lot of knitting and crochet.

rosy green sheep

Rosy Green utilizes the finest Merino wool that is extremely soft and machine washable.  The yarns are wonderfully versatile and can work well even for children’s wear.

We hope you take the opportunity to love on Rosy Green soon.  You will not be sorry!


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