Report from Columbus…

notes from columbus

This year the annual industry trade show was filled with the unexpected.  Each day ended with our legs sore and our hearts happy.

During the long drive to Columbus, Kathy and I developed a goal, a budget and a promise to remain focused.  It is good to have plans.  We were committed to stick with the program and we really, really tried!  But, in fact, we ended the weekend understanding that goals are merely aspirational, budgets are theoretical and focus is just a word.

The trade show is not a necessary event.  We go to be refreshed and re-inspired.  It is wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones. Though some companies and shop owners do not attend, those of us who do are richly rewarded.  It is exciting to be in the presence of hundreds of kindred spirits.

The main purpose of the trip is to shop for YOU – to find fresh ideas to ignite your creativity and make you happy, all over again, to be knitting.

This year was especially productive.  You will soon see amazing new yarns, new patterns and new treasures.  We also will show you new ways to use yarns you already love.

We left Columbus enthused, energized (a little exhausted) and with our back seat filled with new found goodies.  Every moment of the long drive home was used to make plans for a year we believe will be our best ever.  With each mile our “to do” list grew longer.

We are happy to be home and ready to get started on this next and best chapter of our knitting journey.


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