“Going Slow”

two balls of yarn

My mother used to say “whatever is old will become new again” and as usual, Mom was right!  It is with her insight that I have followed the “new” phenomenon referred to as the Slow Movement.  It is the current hot topic in the fashion, food and design industries.

The essence of the slow movement is its focus on process and quality.  In general it is about slowing down, even as consumers.  We are being encouraged to buy more thoughtfully, with awareness of our own needs and with a focus on the product and its origin.  Words used to describe the philosophy include organic, home-grown or American-made, sustainable, and durable.  The most insightful comment I have read was from a Parsons School of Design professor who said it is ” about the consumer becoming aware of the whole process – from design through production through use…”.

The fashion industry seems to be critiquing itself as much as advising the consumer to “go slow”.  The irony is that this same industry has been instrumental in teaching us that to stay current we must possess each season’s new style, new color, and new trend without regard to where, how or with what the product is made (or, frankly, whether we actually need it).

Now the industry wants us to be more thoughtful and deliberative about where and how we spend our dollars. And they promise to do the same when it comes to creating their goods.

We are told this is the “new thing” and I say Bravo to it.  But of course, (thank you Mom) we already know all of this because everyone who knits or crochets has held these exact values dear for centuries.  No one called it a “trend” until now.  But we, more than many, understand the true meaning and importance of going slowly and of considering the process, quality and necessity of everything we create.

You consider the ENTIRE PROCESS of each garment and accessory.  It begins the moment you walk into a yarn shop and consider your next project.  You care about what you make, what you make it with, and you think about the design, the color and the fiber.

And at Knit1 we do the same so that your process is an joyous exploration.  We are happy to take time with you and help you to be sure that you will delight in what you create.  We start before you come in because we learn about our manufacturers and how they source and care for their fibers.  We shop for fibers that allow you to take pride not just in what you knit but pride in what you knit with.  That is the curated experience we offer and it allows you to “go slow”.

So Welcome to being the New Thing.  We shall keep knitting and caring and taking time to consider what we make and how we make it and with what we make it.  And that is extraordinarily happy and good news.

P.S.  News flash to the Fashion Industry…Those of us who work with our hands know about going slow PLUS with everything we create a little bit of love has been added.  So there…


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