the horse is not dead yet

vintage class

I have said it before and it bears repeating.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in the Shop.  There were two women in a class with Kathy to create the fair isle Modjeska Hat (it matches a cowl that also is divine).

Kathy concentrates and watches and cajoles and encourages.  The women are intense and joyful.  They discover that despite the fact that they do not know each other, they have a deep connection.  It is a Mississippi thing.  The conversation becomes personal and pleasurable.

Meanwhile knitting continues.  One of the women – who is mostly self-taught – learns that she is purling backwards and knitting on the “wrong” side.  The other has to rip out several rows because she split a stitch four rows down and cannot live with it.

They are both still happy. They have learned something wonderful and Kathy is still encouraging.  Hours later they leave excited by what they have accomplished and eager to get on with their hats with a newly discovered skill, a new friend, and a great sense of Hooray!

Take classes.  It makes you feel good.  That’s all I am saying – though I have said it before and may say it again.  The Shop is a gift.  Kathy is a gift.  Love your knitting more.  Now is when.

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