a joyful Carol

Carol has come to the Shop for years – not often but regularly.  She picks a big and fabulous project and then disappears for months.  It is always a good day when Carol comes to the Shop because she always seems happy and excited about knitting.  We catch up on news of her work and family and she picks a project and heads off until the next time long later.

Then…recently…Carol took Kathy’s fair isle class – the Modjeska Cowl.  She came back a few days later as if on fire and she was giddy.  She bought yarn to make two more cowls, signed up for two more fair isle classes (the Mojeska Hat and Spots & Strips Mitts).  The pictures show some of her work so far.  She loves that the projects are stunning, vibrant, beautiful and finished!  She loves that everyone says “you are an artist”.  She is now taking a sock class.

It is inspiring to see her so inspired and happy.  It is a treat to watch her drink in her new found talents. It just took a little gumption and her inner creative self sprung to life.  Her joy brings us joy and her inspiration has infected us all!



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