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The Heart of the Shop


This ending is crushingly sad and comes at a time when sadness defines me.  But the doors soon will close without regret and with the knowledge that my life has been enriched by the Knit1 experience because of the people who were a part of this grand experiment.

First, there is Jack.  He encouraged, supported and loved what we were doing.  With every email I wrote he responded “well done, babe” or “another great one, babe”.  Whenever I was down that the Shop was not doing well he would urge me on with a “you’re doing everything right”.  When he died in December I lost much and the Shop lost its most enthusiastic cheerleader.  Jack loved that this place made me happy.

And there are the Knit1 Women.  Like many of you, I have been in many yarn shops over the years.  Knit1 is unique.  Of course, we had amazing yarns carefully curated to bring you joy.  But that is not what distinguished us from everyone else.

It is the women of the shop who made our place remarkable.  Over the years I have watched Ann, Britta, Kathy, Lynn and Marty support, encourage, laugh and sometimes cry with nearly every one who walked in our door.  There were no strangers.  Each of these wonderful women love what they do and it showed in the way they treated each person not as a customer but as a fellow traveler.

You will be hard pressed to find another shop (no matter how famous) where the support is more freely given and the level of talent so high.  The loss of their gifts will be felt far beyond Oxford.

I owe the Knit1 Women much and will miss beyond measure the daily conversation, laughter, support, and dancing .  We have been through much together over the years and I leaned on each of them often.  I have been made better because of them.

Knit1 was not a shop.  It was a haven wherein good things would happen if you just let them.  I hope it gave you even a little bit of the joy it gave me




Why it’s not the same

Sometimes another says it better.  I found a handwritten note on the Shop checkout counter a few days ago.  It helps explain what is all wrong about the loss of a local yarn shop:


and that is why a yarn shop is not like any other place…she said it better than I could…

From the Heart:  Kathy’s Message to You

I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent with you sharing the passion I have for our craft.  I trust that I have provided the support and encouragement to allow you to knit with confidence and joy.

I have learned from you.  You have encouraged me to stretch myself whether it be to learn a new technique or become a better teacher, or in myriad other ways which are hard to put into words.  For that, I thank you.

During the next few weeks and until we close the doors, I will not be offering any formal classes.  I will be delighted to provide private sessions for you.  I hope you take advantage to learn or refresh your skills, or get assistance on a project, or whatever is on your mind.  Please call to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to seeing each of you during these next few weeks.  It will be a sad time for me, but I look forward to a new chapter in life, full of family, fiber and fun!

with a heavy heart…

It is with great sadness that we soon close Knit1 Oxford for good.

There is much to say but none of it will satisfy.  This decision was inevitable and yet it hits like daggers in our collective heart.  It is a sign of our times as our Shop follows the path of many shops that have closed their doors in record numbers the last few years.  It also is deeply personal.

Extraordinary and unique women, who have been together for years, built this shop into something that we are proud of and love dearly.  This is the close of a chapter in our lives and each of us wonder what the next might bring.

Knit1 Oxford evolved over 7 1/2 years.  We had three locations (this one our most favorite).  We bought yarn that was a mistake.  We bought yarn that made us giddy.  We created a Shop that was truly local and utterly elegant.  It was fun to watch someone new stand in awe of the discovery of our little shop in the middle of nowhere.

It was a joy to be a part of this grand journey.  We never were satisfied.  Each day brought a new idea, new pattern, new yarn…new possibility.  We fed each other with creative energy.

But it was not quite enough to allow us to keep going.  Oxford deserves a great yarn shop and we were proud to make one.  And now it is unimaginable that Oxford will be without one.  So we will not imagine it quite yet.  We will try to enjoy the remaining weeks without regret.  We hope you will come in to say goodbye to the shop, buy some yarn and accessories.  Come in for a hug and a laugh – we will still have both in great quantity.  That will never change.


A Collaboration with Kathy – Susan’s Voncho

Susan’s favorite vest (one she bought in a store) was lovingly worn, but quickly wearing out.  She and I designed a Voncho (vest/poncho), based on her vest, with a custom fit perfect for Susan. 

Our first step was for Susan to select a yarn she loved.   She chose Blue Sky Fibers Baby Alpaca Sport and it would drape wonderfully for our design!  Susan knit a gauge swatch which we then used to calculate pattern requirements for correct sizing. 

Details include a professionally-finished hem, easily created by turning the edges and sewing them to the wrong side.  The pockets were sewn on a slant.  Susan provided the added feature of a lovely button on each side.  Every step of the way, Susan knit the pattern with perfect stitches!

We love the Voncho; love how beautifully it looks and fits on Susan.  She is so satisfied that she just completed a second one for her sister!  Susan and Kathy – what a team! 

If you are interested in customizing a garment, please contact Kathy at Knit1.

Marty’s Work of Art

Marty has been an enthusiastic champion of the Shop since from Day One.  Of course, if you know Marty at all you know that when she commits, she does so with enthusiasm.  But in the beginning we joked that , enthusiasm aside, she and I were the LEAST knowledgeable people in town about the art of knitting.

But you cannot stop Marty.  When she sets her sights on something…well, it gets done and gets done well.

Her knitting evolution has been joyful to watch.  She and I, both,  have grown much with the gentle and patient support of Kathy, Ann and Lynn.  Marty knits for herself and the people she loves and she knows exactly what she wants.  And every accomplishment has been perfection.

This Fall, she saw a picture of the Albany Alpaca Cowl, a Blue Sky Fibers pattern knit with their Baby Alpaca.  She HAD to have it.

WOW, was she right!! Her finished piece is divine!  both pics here are her finished cowl!  She used the colors in the pattern (though that is not required) reminiscent of the historic Hudson Bay Blanket.  It takes seven skeins of the sport weight yarn ($11 per skein).  We have created a kit for ease of purchase that includes yarn, pattern and a Knit1 project bag.  Or you are welcome to choose your own fabulous colors.

Our motto is:  You can never go wrong if you put your trust in Marty!

A trip to Yellowstone!

During the summer trade show Kathy and I met Heather Zoppetti the founder Stitch Sprouts.  We were very impressed with her and her hundreds of patterns by some of the best designers and by her fabulous yarns. She is young, earnest and committed to quality.

Kathy got dreaming of the Gallo Shawl knit with Stitch Sprouts Yellowstone.  This Fall, Heather issued the shawl as a kit and we jumped at the chance to make Kathy happy and test the yarn.  By row two we were all in!  Now we proudly carry Yellowstone.

This glorious yarn is a hardworking and beautiful blend of wool with a touch of silk for strength and luster. Each sport weight skein contains 285 yards of 3-ply luxury. It is the perfect yarn for texture, lace, colorwork, and cables. The yarn comes in 9 colors inspired by the beauty of the American wilderness (hence the name).

Meanwhile, Kathy is nearly done with the shawl and delighted with the result.  She invites you join her in the love with this of dreamy new yarn.

’tis the season

It is official.  The crazy part of the holiday season is in full swing (despite the unseasonably warm temperatures).  It is a time to enjoy and from time-to-time freak out.  Cooking, shopping for gifts,  wrapping gifts, mailing gifts, family, friends.  Everything you love all crammed into a few weeks.  Egads – whose idea was this?!

We have suggestions we hope will get you through the next few weeks.  The premise is as follows:

(1) If you choose to knit for others, find items that can be knit without stress in a short time – like perfectly fabulous one skein ideas;

(2) Knit for yourself something that soothes the soul and does not increase the stress level – like simple but perfectly wonderful comfort knitting;

(3) If you love a knitter, get something that supports her or his obsession.

Or ALL OF THE ABOVE (click here)!

Also, watch for emails over the next weeks that offer something from each option.

P.S. do not forget to check the class list.  Kathy has December workshops with the season in mind – knitting that is fun and laughter as you create.

See you soon…






Arranmore – a special new yarn

It had us at “hello”.  This yarn is just what we were looking for and we did not even know it.  Fibre Co. Arranmore is a tweedy blend of merino wool, silk and cashmere.  This is what the Fibre Company has to say about this lovely yarn:


Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Ireland’s Northern Headlands, Arranmore is spun in a mill that traces its roots to the homespun tweed industry of the 19th century County Donegal.


Blending cashmere and silk with a fine merino creates an authentic tweed yarn of the finest quality.  With a color palette reminiscent of the wild Irish coast lands, this aran weight yarn is designed for those who appreciate luxury and tradition.

We agree!!!

(each skein is $28 and has 175 yards)

a joyful Carol

Carol has come to the Shop for years – not often but regularly.  She picks a big and fabulous project and then disappears for months.  It is always a good day when Carol comes to the Shop because she always seems happy and excited about knitting.  We catch up on news of her work and family and she picks a project and heads off until the next time long later.

Then…recently…Carol took Kathy’s fair isle class – the Modjeska Cowl.  She came back a few days later as if on fire and she was giddy.  She bought yarn to make two more cowls, signed up for two more fair isle classes (the Mojeska Hat and Spots & Strips Mitts).  The pictures show some of her work so far.  She loves that the projects are stunning, vibrant, beautiful and finished!  She loves that everyone says “you are an artist”.  She is now taking a sock class.

It is inspiring to see her so inspired and happy.  It is a treat to watch her drink in her new found talents. It just took a little gumption and her inner creative self sprung to life.  Her joy brings us joy and her inspiration has infected us all!



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