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A Quince to Love

quince and co lida shawl

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It started with Quince Linen – Sparrow and Kestrel. My rule of thumb is never to repeat projects in the same fiber. There are so many glorious yarns in the world and it is important to knit with everything and never to get stuck. I chose the Lida Shawl in Sparrow. Oops, I had to do Le Petit Sac and then, oops again, I had to create the Dejeuner Bag. Three Sparrow projects in row!!! It was love. The linen is not like other linens – all of which I have adored. This was even more. It has been love ever since.

effie hat annMonths later we became a Quince Flagship Store – to our extreme delight. We brought in Owl, Puffin, and Osprey. Later we added Chickadee. Nearly everyone who has worked with Quince wool has come back for another Quince project. It is that fabulous. This 100% American wool has great texture, wonderful weight and is dyed in heavenly colorways. And it feels incredible. The stitch definition is amazing. I started with the Effie Beret (one skein of Osprey). Despite my concerns about “wooly-ness”, by row four I was a Quince addict. It is just that wonderful.

The Nelse Slippers from the Home Book was my first experience with Puffin. Oh my! The slippers are knit flat – hooray – and make an amazingly warm and cozy garment for your feet. AND they knit up quickly. The yarn is single-ply and soft and squishy. Those who knit the slippers as gifts tend to keep the first pair for themselves and then come back for more. So…again breaking my own rules…I knit the State Street Cowl in Puffin. It took two evenings.

Kathy got the Quince bug about the same time and began her journey with a pattern from Shawls 5, Rikochanthat calls for two Owl colors. Her reaction was as mine. Joyous. She wendingcowlalso broke the “move on to another” rule by immediately knitting the Sherwood Mitts in one skein of Owl! Then it was on to the Lily Slipper Flats in Osprey. They are so sweet and quick to create and make the simply finest gifts. BTW – they slip right in to your suitcase. Perfect for the traveler.

Not quite finished with her Owl obsession, Kathy went on to knit the Wending Cowl.  By the way, Owl is one of the few blended Quince yarns – 50/50 wool and alpaca – it is both drapey (thank you alpaca) with great structure (love wool)!

Kathy’s first Chickadee project is the Caden Scarf. It looks complex but utilizes only the simplest stitches. Ann just finished a finger-less, fair-isle glove in Chickadee. Now they both are Quince fans.

sinclair quince sweaterIn October, Sinclair started a Christmas gift for her father using Osprey. She was hooked after the very first swatch. One Aran Fisherman’s sweater later, she is a loyal Osprey convert. The structure of the wool is exquisite and after blocking, it is the softest wool she has ever felt.  The stitch definition, too, is unrivaled.  She picked up a skein of Owl for a pair of fingerless gloves at Christmas and marveled again at how amazing wool can feel. (You can read Sinclair’s blog on her Quince experience here.)

So if there is a Quince, there is a Quince to love. The challenge is to move on to another yarn. On the other hand, sometimes you wonder why bother? We recommend you come try Quince for yourself. But you might want to hurry – we may knit it all ourselves!


A Love Letter – and apology!

yarn loveDearest Friends – If you are reading this it is likely that you love us like we love you.  In the last Shop email I expressed continuing concerns over the closing of yet another local yarn shop.  I reminded everyone to shop local and support yarn shops no matter where you travel or where you live.  Somewhere – everywhere – there is an LYS waiting to serve you.

The result of the email was a flurry of wonderful love letters from many of you who both feared that Knit1 might close and, when relieved that it was NOT about us, expressed complete support for the message. (more…)

Sweet Things for Little Ones

IMG_0224FullSizeRender(1)Suddenly it is all about the children.  Swans Island issued a series of patterns for boys and girls.  They are perfect – unique, stylish and uncomplicated.  I was inspired and, with Ann’s urging to overcome my “fear” of sweaters, got to work on the Periwinkle – girl’s cardigan.  (more…)

Knit1 and the Indie Dyer

4 seasons yarnThe Fiber Festival is a fond memory.  It was exhilarating to spend time with indie fiber artists who create yarns that are made with so much love and care. They remind us of the value of their work to our craft.  We are pleased to announce that we have added some remarkable yarns created by independent artisans to our yarn collection.  The fibers will amaze, the colors will delight and your finished product will truly be one of a kind. (more…)

The People’s Basket

peggy 1With the addition of Peggy Helm’s remarkable pine needle basket work, we have come to appreciate the artistry and rich tradition of basket weaving.  It is a wonderful craft and we are honored to be able to share in the heritage it brings.  We are lucky to have Peggy who is willing to share her knowledge and expertise with us.  In addition to offering a class at the Festival (pine needle with a gourd), she has volunteered to help us create a People’s Basket. (more…)

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