Your Local Yarn Shop – Just A Click Away!


What does one do without a local yarn shop nearby?  My growth and courage to take on new knitting challenges is attributable solely to the women of my LYS.  I can only imagine how hard it would be without them.

We know that many of you who regularly read our emails do not live near Knit1 or any other LYS.  We regret that you cannot spend time at our table and that we do not get to know you better.

We commiserate with your loneliness and understand how difficult it must be to live far from a great yarn shop.  We want to help and make it possible for you to become our “local customer” and for us be your LYS.

Of course, you can go online to one of the big box sites and find everything that is available in the fiber world.  But there are tangible advantages to buying from an LYS even remotely.  While we do not offer everything, we do offer the best of what is possible – a curated experience.   We have knit the pattern and worked with the yarn.  We offer knowledgeable advice about any elements of the project before you buy.  We can wind your yarn so that you can start as soon as it arrives at your door.    We soon will have short videos available online so you can meet most challenges in any project.  And MOST importantly, we are only a phone call or a visit away for help.

Buying from an LYS whether live or remotely helps the Shop and helps you.  It is most definitely a win-win.  We hope to be a part of your knitting circle.  We may not be in your real neighborhood but we can be your neighbor!



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