Knitting in the Slow Lane

slow road greenThe world is moving way too fast and whole months go by in an instant.  Everyone seeks a calmer more peaceful pace.  The “slow movement” is growing in response to the technological rat race and a world of seemingly constant change.  We are urged to live life more deeply and to enrich every experience.

Knitters naturally embraces the slow movement.  From the beginning of a project – from choice of pattern, fiber and color to the first stitch through the last – it is all a thoughtful, considered and creative experience.  The Knit1 women embrace the slow movement principles.  We also want to support and help you deepen and enrich YOUR knitting journey.

It is why we are constantly reading about and knitting with new yarns and search for companies that have a story.  We choose quality yarns and patterns designed to reward you for taking the time you put in to each project.

Eileen Fisher says it best in her new ad campaign:  “A great meal is only as good as its ingredients.  And a great look is only as good as the materials it is made from…Just as farm-to-table is changing the way we think about our food…farm-to-closet will change the way we think about clothing…. That is why we are striving to find the best ingredients…”

Our “ingredients” begin with those glorious yarns.  The ingredients also depend on patterns that allow the yarns to sing and enrich your creative process.  We soon will introduce you to the THOUGHTFUL ESSENTIALS.  These are specially chosen projects that are simple, yet elegant in design, handsome on any body and will be treasured and worn for years.  Each Essential will be available to you kitted in a Knit1 project bag that will include the pattern and recommended yarns (colors of your choosing).

We want to make your creative life simple, rich, deep and beautiful.  Watch for more as we move to the slow lane together…


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