Did I say “never socks”?



Are there two kinds of knitters – sock knitters and never-sock knitters?  Maybe life is not that simple but it does seem that those who knit socks love creating them and then there are those others.  I am “the other” – the never sock kind.

That is, I WAS a never sock kind.  Tina introduced me to the TUBE SOCK.  I am now knitting my second fabulous pair.  The sock has no heel or toe.  It is just one long (or short if you prefer) tube.  It required me to learn a new cast on – WOWIE!  And I learned to knit using two circular needles.  WHY did I not know of this before?!?img_1302


Trust me.  This two circs thing is the best new thing (I mean new to me) ever.  I love it so much that I now am one of those knitters who will always have a sock in my purse so that I am never without something to knit.

Kathy is going to show you the magic of the tubular cast on and the wonder of knitting with two circular needles on Saturday, December 17 from 10:30-Noon OR Thursday, December 22 from 10:30-Noon. ($20 per class) Join us and soon there will be only one kind of knitter – the ones who love socks!

Click here for Knit1 Classes.


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