Really in my suitcase!


I did some writing this summer about what you might take on your travels.  I was filled with my own angst as my own week-long cruise loomed before me.  We were off to ALASKA!  A glacier could get in our way!  The inland passage might ice over! We could be quarantined!  These were worthy concerns.  WHAT IF I RAN OUT OF KNITTING PROJECTS?  Or, what if I took a project and ran in to trouble with no one nearby to help.  I had to have plenty of backup projects.

Solution:  In my suitcase I packed one pair of blue jeans, one pair of slacks, two sweaters (wore the 3rd), three scarves (to make the sweaters look different every day) and FOUR knitting projects.  The suitcase had two inches of clothing and 17 inches of yarn – the perfect balance.  As I walked out the door to the airport I threw one large skein of yarn in my carry on bag…you know, just in case.

I figured one could always wash clothes but we might be thousands of miles from the nearest yarn shop – on a boat!

The very good news is that all of this incredibly strategic planning allowed me the time to knit (and some re-knit) the Endless Wrap designed by Blue Sky Fibers using their new Woolstok and to move forward on the Solaris Shawl with Mad Tosh. Both projects are big, wrap-me-up shawls.  To me, if you are going to knit shawl it should envelope you.

I came home with three projects nearly finished and some clothes to wash.  And, p.s., no one noticed what I wore but everyone looked at my knitting!

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