Rhinos Calling

rhino transparent

Ann claims to like animals more than people.   Animals are almost always okay.  People…not so much.  In her animal watching she recently learned that Rhinos and their protectors need blankets!!!  We want to help her help them.

Africa once had over a million black and white rhinos but aggressive hunting and poaching has left the species at grave risk.  It is made more dire by increased demand for rhino horn, a prized ingredient in traditional Asian medicines.

Most of the continent’s remaining rhinos are found in just four countries – South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya.  They are very vulnerable to attack and few of them survive outside of protected areas and sanctuaries.

Care for the World is the largest rhino sanctuary and orphanage in the world.  Its mission is to save black and white rhinos from extinction.  The staff engage in rescue, rehabilitation and release for animals left orphaned by poaching.

The organization is located in the heart of South Africa.   It employs a dedicated staff that tends to the animals around the clock and tries to reassure them that they are safe.  Baby rhinos can still tug at your heart when they mourn and cry over the loss of their mothers.

rhino with blanket

The sanctuary workers report that the babies are comforted when wrapped in blankets.  On arrival, the calves are placed in a warm shelter.  At first, the babies, confused and terrified, charge into walls and react to any noise or movement.  But they react very well to the constant attention and cuddling of their human protectors.  It is affirming to see a six-month old, 800-pound rhino comforted by a warm blanket and a human hand!  Many of the protectors stay with the rhinos in distress around the clock.


South African authorities have relocated rhinos — particularly highly endangered black rhinos — from vulnerable areas to secret locations. But the attacks keep rising, with an average of three rhinos a day killed. The World Wildlife Association fears that extinction, at least in the wild, is not far away.  Maybe just the ones that are heavily guarded in small camps will survive, but not free-range rhinos. They will be extinct in the wild.

small rhino

Our hope is to do our small part in supporting those who are doing all they can to save these large and wonderful creatures.  And in helping our good friend Ann feel better about humans!

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