The Heart of the Shop


This ending is crushingly sad and comes at a time when sadness defines me.  But the doors soon will close without regret and with the knowledge that my life has been enriched by the Knit1 experience because of the people who were a part of this grand experiment.

First, there is Jack.  He encouraged, supported and loved what we were doing.  With every email I wrote he responded “well done, babe” or “another great one, babe”.  Whenever I was down that the Shop was not doing well he would urge me on with a “you’re doing everything right”.  When he died in December I lost much and the Shop lost its most enthusiastic cheerleader.  Jack loved that this place made me happy.

And there are the Knit1 Women.  Like many of you, I have been in many yarn shops over the years.  Knit1 is unique.  Of course, we had amazing yarns carefully curated to bring you joy.  But that is not what distinguished us from everyone else.

It is the women of the shop who made our place remarkable.  Over the years I have watched Ann, Britta, Kathy, Lynn and Marty support, encourage, laugh and sometimes cry with nearly every one who walked in our door.  There were no strangers.  Each of these wonderful women love what they do and it showed in the way they treated each person not as a customer but as a fellow traveler.

You will be hard pressed to find another shop (no matter how famous) where the support is more freely given and the level of talent so high.  The loss of their gifts will be felt far beyond Oxford.

I owe the Knit1 Women much and will miss beyond measure the daily conversation, laughter, support, and dancing .  We have been through much together over the years and I leaned on each of them often.  I have been made better because of them.

Knit1 was not a shop.  It was a haven wherein good things would happen if you just let them.  I hope it gave you even a little bit of the joy it gave me




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