magic in the shop

yarn basket

If you get to spend a lot of time in a yarn shop – as I do – you are witness to all of its magic.  There are simple pleasures that make a good day.  You meet people who are just happy to be there.  When the shop is quiet you can move yarn around.  And on days when there is a class in session you get to watch as people revel in the joy of knitting!!

All three happened this weekend.  But the most fun was overhearing Renita and Kathy talk about Renita’s  knitting projects “bucket list”.  Each project would expose her to something new and divine.  She was excited and Kathy was eager to be there for her.

In case I have not said it often enough, let me repeat.  It is the rare yarn shop that offers teachers who are skilled at the highest level and could teach anywhere AND who like people AND who are patient.  Our little Shop in the corner of nowhere is that rare Shop.

Yes, our yarns are among the best.  But that is not the only treasure.  It is the women who are here to help make knitting a fantastic journey that you may take without fear!  You are not alone and that is real magic.

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