The love of linen…

quince sparrow

I have an affinity for linen that started at the very beginning of my knitting life.  I saw a pattern for a hand towel that captured my imagination.  It was to be knit with linen yarn.  What did I know?

During the project I designed a finger bandage as the linen was building a nice but slightly painful callous.  I remained undeterred because the towel was so beautiful and the yarn just felt like magic.  The bandage worked and my finger healed and the face towel is fabulous.  With each washing it becomes more fabulous.

Linen is, indeed, amazing.  It is said that when they discovered King Tut’s tomb the only thing intact was the linen shroud.  It is that durable and strong a fiber.  And, yet, it is amazingly soft.  Like wine and women, it gets better with age.  And linen drapes so beautifully.

Luckily for me, the knitting world brings us fabulous linens.  Quince created Kestral (aran) and Sparrow (fingering), Italian linens offered in soft cool colors.  Shibui just introduced Reed – a fingering weight linen that is uncharacteristically soft.  Shibui Twig contains mostly linen with just the right touch of silk and wool that is equally dreamy.  We have amazing pattern support for each of these yarns so that you may knit the perfect garment for yourself.

Now is exactly the right time to learn about the joys of linen.  We are happy to help you on that journey.

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