The People’s Basket

peggy 1With the addition of Peggy Helm’s remarkable pine needle basket work, we have come to appreciate the artistry and rich tradition of basket weaving.  It is a wonderful craft and we are honored to be able to share in the heritage it brings.  We are lucky to have Peggy who is willing to share her knowledge and expertise with us.  In addition to offering a class at the Festival (pine needle with a gourd), she has volunteered to help us create a People’s Basket.

“Baskets hold a symbolic or spiritual meaning for many Native American cultures.  They represent the close connection between Man and Nature.  Each basket embodies its own spirit, one comprised of the spirit of the plants, which were borrowed from the earth in order to make the basket, and the spirit of the weaver, who wove her time and patience into the basket.  As gifts they strengthen kinship ties with Nature and each other.

“The People’s Basket celebrates the kinship formed when many unique and special people weave their own individual pathways into one beautiful and special basket.  At the end of this event, I will complete the People’s Basket and make it a gift to one of the weavers – their name randomly drawn from all participants.”

Everyone who comes to the Festival is welcome to contribute to the basket.  Peggy will guide you through the process.  The finished product will be created by a community of people and raffled off to one lucky winner.  People of all ages are invited to participate and we hope you will join us as we complete this very special endeavor.  (raffle ticket and option to weave the basket – $2).

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