the pleasure of her company

patsy and kathyIt was a quiet morning in the Shop and Kathy and I needed a break from “the business”.  I picked up my Station Wagon Blanket which is the simplest yet most glorious all-knit-stitch project ever!  I finished all of the knitting and seaming (which, p.s., was remarkably fun).  It was time to learn to attach an i-cord trim.

I sat at Kathy’s right hand and watched as she researched options and tested the possibilities.  I was amazed and awed.

Finally, she was ready to show me how.  I listened carefully and tried to see what she was doing and stayed close to her side.  It was my turn and in about 30 minutes it started to come together.  I was attaching an i-cord!  It gave me ridiculous amounts of joy.  How can something seemingly this simple bring such happiness.  My incredible throw is about to become a masterpiece!

Many yarn shops will sell you beautiful yarn.  Not many have the gift of someone who can teach you how to use that yarn to make something divine.

Many say that my knitting skills have grown remarkably in the past few.  Trust me – that would not be the case if were not for the amazing women who are part of this Shop and have patience to guide me through the magic.

This is just one of many times that Kathy has given of her time.  She makes it seem that she enjoys imparting her skills and even learning something new herself.

If you do not take classes at the Shop, even if you think you have nothing to learn (that will NEVER happen to me), you may miss the chance to enjoy what you love to do to its fullest and to amaze yourself at what you are capable of.  Many new classes will go on our schedule this week.  We are inspired by what we saw at our annual trade show.  Do not let this chance go by.

Let the artist in you emerge.  Let yourself be happy!

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