warm feet + warm heart = love

I just learned something that seemed worth passing along.  My husband has never asked me to knit for him.  Edit: he has given up asking me to knit for him!

Then yesterday he told me that his feet are cold at night and it would be wonderful to have thick but very soft socks/slippers to wear in bed.  He has had chemo treatments in the past and suffers some from neuropathy.  It is a circulation issue – hence the cold feet.

HOORAY!  Blue Sky Fibers created the perfect solution – Sunday Morning Slippers.  Quick and easy! I knit exactly what he needed – a pair of squishy warm and wonderful bed slippers.  The pattern calls for Organic Cotton (bulky) and is designed in every size from infant to grown man.  Even better there are many colors to choose from.  You never have to have knit a pair of socks to create the booties.  And, as always, we are here if you need help.

Of course, these are good for anyone and everyone and make the utterly unique gift – baby shower, birthday…   BUT, if someone you love is enduring chemo these will be the most unexpected and perfect act of friendship.  Bonus – every time they look at their warm and wonderful feet they will feel your love.

Thought you would like to know.


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