We Built the Shop!

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It happened. Knit1 Oxford is reborn in our new home (303 Heritage Drive, Oxford) It is our third space in six years. The moves happened for many reasons. Some beyond our control. Some just business necessity. No matter why, we now are exactly where we should be. The shop exterior is charming and “looks like a yarn shop”.  Parking is easy. The stoplight from Jackson Avenue makes for easy and safe getting to and leaving.

Mostly, the space inside makes this place magical. Somehow everything works better. It is intimate (but not crowded) and seems spacious (though it is not). There still is room to sit and knit and consider your next project or take a class.

All of the yarn is visible. And, by way of Lynn’s and Larry’s design genius the shop has an art installation of fiber color that will amaze. It amazes us!

The new shop is launched through the efforts of many family and friends who did not ask whether we needed them. They just were there. We are forever grateful to each and every person who gave their muscle and their time.

It was a remarkable three weeks it has been. Larry came to town and spent three days sketching and re-designing. There were days of packing (no small feat). We left town to attend the industry trade show for three inspiring and exhausting days. We came home and moved all that we had packed. We rebuilt the shop.

We passed tired about days before we were finished and hurt in places we did not know existed. It did not matter. We were driven and excited to make it happen.

We know a couple of things.
(1) We are the luckiest yarn shop. We (I) have friends and family that make everything better. None of this would happen without them. None of this would be fun or gratifying but for them. Larry, Lynn, Nancy, Nancy, Kathy, Kathy, Freddie, Ann, Peggy, Pamela, Robert, Marty, Nancy, Ellen, Debbie, Carolyn and John – together they have built the most beautiful shop;

(2) Knit1 Oxford is exactly where we should be. It took three tries but we made it!

(3) It looks beautiful now and it will change as time goes by;

(4) We will never move again!

And so it goes and we hope we look forward to our future and your time at our table.


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