Yarn Bowl 2016

Box of Hats 5/5

HATS as of 6/28 – 252

Our little hat box is filled!  Our first report was ten hats.  Now we are over two hundred and counting with many promises of more.  We are grateful to everyone who is knitting, crocheting and looming hats and to everyone who is spreading the word.

We have had a spectacular response.  Almost, 8,000 people have seen our Facebook post.  If each knits or crochets one hat, we would more than double our goal, beat the pants off of Bama, and have an astounding pile of hats to donate to keeping children warm this winter  It’s a win all around!  If you wish, we will return the hats to you to donate to an organization of your choice.


Those who have donated so far are thrilled to be able to finally put their stash to good use.  This is a win/win/win for everyone.  Also, let us know if you or your group is in need of yarn to create the hats.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to participate:

  • All hats must be to Knit1 by September 1.  After that, the hats will not count in the contest; they will just be gravy.
  • Mail hats to Knit1 Oxford: 303 Heritage Dr, Oxford, MS 38655.
  • Knit1 can provide patterns and, on a limited basis, yarn.  For project support, call us at 662-238-2829 or email us at knit1oxford@gmail.com
  • All hats will be donated to a More Than A Meal.  This local organization serves families in need and are thrilled that we will have hats for their children. You and/or your group may choose to give to your own organization.  However, we first must have the hats in hand for official counting.  Simply indicate that you want the hats returned (and to which organization you will donate) and we will be sure they get back to you!
  • There will be prizes!  Any person who makes 5 or more hats will receive a coupon for 20% off at Knit1 Oxford.  Every person who makes a hat will be entered into a drawing for door prizes.  We will also have different competition categories.  For details, see our Yarn Bowl page.
  • Last year, Tuscaloosa made over 3,000 hats, so our goal this year is to beat that number!


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